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Take control of your google reviews

smarter, simpler, and more sustainable.

Take control of your google reviews

smarter, simpler, and more sustainable.

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How NFC works?

Tap your phone on an NFC tag or card, and like magic, it shares its info with your phone instantly!

People love the smooth, effortless experience, check out our video to see for yourself!


What is " It " / What are They?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It's a wireless technology that allows devices, like smartphones, to communicate when they're close to each other. It's the same tech that enables contactless payments with your phone.

How do NFC tags work?

NFC tags work by storing information that can be read by compatible devices, usually smartphones. When you tap your phone near a tag, it activates and transfers the stored data, like a link to a website, contact information, or other details

Do I need any special apps for NFC tags to work?

Most smartphones have built-in NFC capabilities. For basic functions like opening a website or sharing contact info, no special apps are needed. However, for more advanced tasks, there are apps available on app stores that can enhance your NFC experience.

Are NFC tags secure?

Yes, NFC is considered secure for everyday tasks. The communication range is very short (a few centimetres), making it challenging for someone to intercept your data.

If you want an extra layer of security, some NFC tags allow you to set up a passcode. This means that even if someone tries to access the information on the tag, they would need the passcode to unlock it.

Can I reuse NFC tags?

Absolutely! Our NFC tags are rewritable, so you can update the information they contain. They're like digital stickers that you can re-program for different purposes.

Are NFC tags environmentally friendly?

Yes, our NFC tags are primarily made from recyclable PET plastic, supporting our dedication to environmental sustainability. While the inclusion of copper wire and microchips can pose challenges in traditional recycling processes, we take extra steps to ensure responsible disposal.

Any faulty NFC tags returned to us are disassembled and recycled properly. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and encourage customers to follow recommended recycling practices in their localities.

How durable are the tags?

Our tags are designed to be durable. The Cards are made of PVC plastic and the plates are coated in epoxy resin so they can easily withstand everyday use. They are also waterproof and built to last in various environments.

Can I use NFC tags with any smartphone?

Most modern smartphones support NFC technology, including both Android and iOS devices. However, it's always good to check your phone's specifications to ensure compatibility.

White-Label + B2B Solutions

We understand that your business is unique, and your NFC solutions should be too.

We offer Chip, shape, size, design customisation and a selection of premium build materials for any project.

Contact our team to discuss your needs or questions.

Customer Testimonials

"The ingenious technology is essential for any business aiming to enhance reviews and elevate social media interactions. A must-have solution for businesses striving to reach the next level."

"Using NFC products was a game changing move for our business. The brilliant tech is essential for any business looking to amplify reviews and social media interactions".

About Us

Our Roots: Born in Ireland

Celerity is proudly Irish owned and founded, with our roots deeply embedded in the vibrant landscape of Irish innovation. From the very beginning, our journey as a software company took shape against the backdrop of Ireland's rich technological heritage. With a vision to revolutionise software solutions, we set out on a path fueled by Irish ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit.

NFC Innovation: Pioneering Technology

Drawing upon our expertise and foresight, we quickly recognised the immense potential of NFC technology. With determination and creativity, we seamlessly integrated NFC into our repertoire, expanding our offerings to deliver bespoke solutions across various sectors.

Empowering Businesses: Specialised NFC Division

Our dedication to empowering businesses, particularly small-scale enterprises, led us to establish a specialised NFC division.

Today, we continue to lead the charge towards a future where technology is not only advanced but also accessible, seamless, and environmentally conscious.

Join us on our journey combining Irish ingenuity with cutting-edge technology to build a world where every interaction is smarter, simpler, and more sustainable.

Explore real-world examples of how businesses are leveraging Nexus NFC tags to enhance their operations and customer experiences.

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